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WHAALE has the goal to provide consumers with an easy access to high-tech device...

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We are looking forward to your feedback and we are usually answering questions within 24-48 hours!

If you find the app useful, we would be very happy if you left us a good rating in the AppStore and/or you would like us on Facebook .

In case of questions or problems, please check the following topics first. Maybe one of them gives you the right answer:

  • Tip of the month: Wondering how to extend playlists and remove playlist entries? Watch the first video at this page!
  • Will we integrate support for Spotify?
    • To integrate Spotify into our app, we need a written permission from Spotify. We do not have this permission. So we cannot integrate this service.
    • But with the integration of the Deezer music service we have the perfect alternative - try it for free and you will be impressed by it! You can even import your Spotify playlists...
    • And there is also a workaround (if you have a Spotify premium account): The "Amplifind" app has built-in support for Spotify. And the "Audiobus" music source/app allows to connect Amplifind with WHAALE... See for details.
  • When the WHAALE app runs in background and another app starts playing music, the WHAALE app stops: To solve this, please go to the app settings and disable the setting 'Close app on other music app'. Please note that with this setting, the WHAALE app cannot be controlled from the lock screen.
  • You have upgraded to three or more speakers but the dollar-sign is still there.
  • If your speakers are not in sync and you hear some strange kind of echo, this might help!
  • If you experience dropouts while playing the music, this might help!
  • Please have a look at our How-To-Video and FAQ (also available when tapping 'help' in the app).

Please don't hesitate to contact us if your questions are not answered yet.

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